Brand Story

"Where Inward Beauty and Outward Luxuriance Meet"


Luxuriance Beauty Inc is a Black-woman owned brand that sells high quality beauty-lifestyle products that are aimed to increase black women's quality of life. We strive to create community that will enhance you holistically.
Our product offerings focus on 
Self-love, Self-care & Black Luxury.


“Instead of waiting for a brand to cater to black women, I decided to create a brand that caters to black women”

Meet our Founder & CEO, Lavern Rowe. She is a lover of God & a lover of people. A multi-hyphenate, the creation of this business is at the intersection of her passions - black women, serving others & curating space for community. It came at a time when the world had no choice but to pay attention re: anti-blackness in 2020.

Our boss lady is no stranger to hard times & perseverance as she continues to overcome various obstacles in her personal life. So much so, she wanted to be able to create a space that emphasizes the luxuriance of life.

She spent hundreds of hours researching, learning, and communicating with those around her so that she would be able to create a community that believes in the holistic growth of women, especially black women. She was tired of black women being considered an after thought and that is why you will see that she is unapologetic about her blackness and she hopes you are too. Black women deserve luxury.

Black women deserve: Luxuriance Beauty Inc.

A brand that operates in a way that uplifts women, especially black women, and will provide them with beauty-lifestyle products that will give them the moments that are necessary to look and feel your best. Whether it's ending your natural hair routine with a silk pillowcase in the evening or if it's applying a pair of dramatic eyelashes to give your look the extra UMPH it needs...let us be your go-to.

Our 5 Pillars



Luxuriance Beauty Inc is responsible for providing you with high-quality products that enhance your life. We put our heart, mind, and soul into providing you products that will give you an improve your quality of life. As a company, we are never above approach. Keep us accountable. You can always email us at



Luxuriance Beauty Inc believes in giving back to the communities that we exist in..
We believe strongly in community and that "every mickle mek a muckle"
(A Jamaican saying that translates to:
"If you contribute little by little, you'll get to your goal").
You can rest assured that when you purchase any of our products, we will be doing the work to further our community locally and/or internationally.
Every quarter we will be making a donation based on our sales to an NGO or a worthy cause that will benefit black youth and/or women.
If you know of any registered non-profit organizations that have an emphasis on black and/or minority women and youth - please email us at 


Community Building

As black women, our community is a very important part of our lives. We know how important it is to be acknowledged, to be empowered & to be uplifted. We seek to do the same with Luxuriance Beauty Inc as a brand. Providing high-quality products that add value to women, especially black women's lives. Our goal is to provide our customers with access to relevant information pertaining to their growth as an individual so they can be luxuriant. *We'll delve into all things mental health, beauty, self-care, and community building. 


Customer Commitment

We're committed to providing women especially black women with high-quality products that truly add value to their lives. We're committed to getting it right, the first time. We understand the importance of service and great customer service is our #2 priority behind your satisfaction with our products. We are always open to constructive criticism, positive feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to email us.



Defined as a "strong and barely controllable emotion" this is how we feel about all things related to black women. It is such a privilege and an honour to serve our people that it is one of our Core Values. Nothing is half-done when it comes to the delivery of the high-quality products we provide to our customers. From the conception of the idea to the sourcing to the packaging to your door step, everything is done out of our passion to provide luxury to every woman, especially black women.

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