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Our debut product is a luxury silk pillowcase, offered in two colours. We are confident that they will provide you with the benefits of anti-breakage for your hair, anti-aging for your skin, anti-crease in your face and anti-acne for your skin.

It was important that our first product would truly add value to your life - you can use this product as an additional step to your natural hair journey, to enhance your self care routine, for your mental health (sleeping patterns), or simply because you would like some silk pillowcases.

Our silk pillowcases are Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certified - that means they have been tested for harmful substances and that the materials used in their production are harmless for human health.

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Self-Care Meets Beauty Lifestyle

Self-Care is a concept that so many of us miss because we believe it has to be elaborate. What is self-care? Showing yourself love, constantly. It is creating boundaries, it is good mental health, it is good physical health, it is healthy relationships and products that can help improve your quality of life.

Luxuriance Beauty Inc provides high quality beauty-lifestyle products that will encourage you to prioritize your self-care routines. Whether it is implementing a natural hair routine, improving your current skin care routine or getting a good night's sleep - we've got you!

If you're anything like us, carve that time out, don't you dare feel guilty about it either - you deserve it.


We're in the business of providing beauty-lifestyle products to black women that will lead to the overall improvement of their quality of life.

On our Instagram, we have posts that encourage individuals to interact with each other and we are big on collaborating with black women in the hair care, self-care, beauty and mental health spaces. We seek to empower our women and provide them with resources.

A portion of each purchase will go to our quarterly donations to causes that address the following: the empowerment of black girls, women and youth; poverty, mental health and/or domestic violence. We will be donating to NGOs or charities affiliated with Jamaica or within the Jamaican Diaspora. We are proud Jamaican-Canadians and believe in giving back!

We understand that it takes intentionality to build a community - we look forward to you joining ours today!

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